Q&A #3 -- If Not Terry, Who?

"Jim" asks:

If Therese Murray were to lose her re-election bid who do you think would emerge to be the next Senate President?

It's a great question, because so much of the leadership is on the way out or not considered quite up to the task. It's possible that Stan Rosenberg could get the nod, as a one-session placekeeper. I don't think Downing or Tolman are quite there yet. Joyce maybe? Baddour? Richard Moore? I'd love to hear from anyone out there with your thoughts.

More likely, of course, is that Murray will return, and use the leadership vacancies to establish the line of succession behind her. Insiders generally assume that she'll name her intended heir as the new Ways & Means chair (her own path to the gavel), although it's not certain that she'll go that route.

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