Q&A #6: Ballot Question Questions

"Boysenberry" asks: 

What are the chances of the sales tax reduction ballot question? It seems really reckless to me, but people are dissatisfied an that may make them more likely to say "what the hell" and vote yes to something like that. Would the legislature even honor it?

And "Susana" asks from Facebook:

What's your prediction on the ballot questions? Will any of them pass?

My best guess is that all three ballot questions will fail. The alcohol tax repeal doesn't seem like it has legs to me (although we'll be seeing plenty of advertising for it this fall), and I don't think the fair-housing "reform" one will have enough backing to overcome the fact that most people really don't like it if they understand what it actually means.

The interesting one is the sales-tax reduction to 3%. I just don't think the anti-tax mood is that high right now, even for what is a much more modest measure than previous Carla Howell ballot initiatves. So I say it's an 0-for-3 year for ballot questions.

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