Q&A #4: Who Will Take On Scotto?

"Robert" asks:

What are you hearing concerning potential challengers to Scott Brown in 2012? If the Democrats lose the House this fall will Massachusetts Congressman consider giving up their seats? And is Alan Khazei's book tour the beginning of a campaign rollout?

Most people think that Vicky Kennedy wants to run, but only if the Dems clear the field for her, and they won't.  Steve Lynch is chomping at the bit. I've been asking the 'if the Dems lose the House' question lately, and getting mixed response -- could depend on whether they think they'll get the majority right back in 2012, or not. (Also remember that Census redistricting might have an impact.) I definitely think Khazei is looking to run again, although who knows if he'll pull the trigger or find some other project.

Other possibilities: Deval Patrick, if he wins re-election; Tim Murray, if he loses re-election; Bill Galvin (natch).

But here's my early prediction: the 2012 Democratic nominee for US Senator from Massachusetts will be someone currently in elected office, but at a lower level than the state-wide or congressional incumbents. Someone in the mold of, say, a certain mayor of Newton for example. Someone like that. So keep your eyes peeled.

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