Menino's Evil Bike Plan!!!

The big news in Boston, reported by the Globe's Donovan Slack (who I thought was going down to the DC bureau! I guess not quite yet) on today, is that Lisa Signori, Mayor Tom Menino's highly-respected (even by me, despite what my recent reporting may make you think) budget chief is leaving the administration. This is not a shocker -- there's only so long anybody can do that job -- but is still a major transition for Menino, who relies heavily on Signori.

Congrats and best wishes to Signori, who is taking a job as CFO of the Perkins School.


As you may know, a while back Hizzoner took up bike riding, and suddenly decided to become all, "bike's for everyone!" He's suddenly a fan of bike lanes and bike events -- and bike-sharing programs.

Bike-sharing programs, I learned today, are a front for the United Nations taking control over US cities. There's some sort of one-world government treaty involved, and a huge loss of personal liberties and an unconstituional undermining of American sovereignty.

More on that in a moment.

Boston has been vying to be among the first US cities with a full-fledged bike-sharing program -- and earlier this month, the city received a $3 million federal grant, to help buy 500 cycles and set up 50 rental stations. 

Of course -- because the federal government, under KarlMao Obama, is part of the EVIL WORLD GOVERNMENT BIKE PLAN!!!

Nobody in Boston has seen through this bike business -- or more likely, they are all part of the conspiracy.

But fortunately in Colorado, where Denver already runs a successful bike-sharing program, someone's paying attention. Namely, Republican gubernatorial candidate Sam Meas Dan Maes. [Oops!]

Maes is blowing the lid off the whole thing -- and thank goodness, because Denver mayor John Hickenlooper also wants to become governor, and spread his EVIL WORLD GOVERNMENT BIKE PLAN state-wide.

The key to the UN's EVIL BIKE PLAN, apparently, is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) -- and guess what, Boston is also an ICLEI member!

"This is all very well-disguised, but it will be exposed," Maes is quoted in today's Denver Post. If you think that it's just about exercise and the environment, well, "that's exactly the attitude they want you to have."

Exactly. It's just what Menino wants us to believe. It's all part of his EVIL PLAN.

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