Q&A #1: Glodis At The MassDemCon

"Boston Bertie" asks:

What happened to Guy Glodis at the Democratic State Convention. He seemed to spend a lot of resources to win the party's nod - and was heavily favored. Yet he actually got less votes than Suzanne Bump. Do you buy his spin that he threw Mike Lake a load of votes to get him on the ballot? And on another note, how did you rank the videos/speeches/presentations at the Convention?

And "Worcester Will" asks:

Along the lines of BB's question, I want to know about the parade of Lake supporters holding his signs as he spoke. They seemed to be endless. Were you surprised by such a show of strength from someone with so little institutional support?

I did have some pretty solid info at the convention of Glodis directing votes to Lake; I also heard from several Glodis-pledged delegates that this absolutely did not happen in their districts. I think it was done at a few specific districts, and may have been a result of someone underestimating Lake's votes.

Lake clearly organized very well; also, his supporters tend to come from what I have dubbed the "Tea Party Progressives" -- who are particularly enthusiastic about being part of any demonstration. In other words, a larger percentage of his supporters are still enthusiastic enough to want to be part of that sign-holding marchers, while a larger percentage of Glodis and Bump supporters have been through this enough that they just want to sit and call out their vote when it's time.

As for Bump, she certainly did better than expected; I got the sense that the last-minute DeNucci endorsement really helped.

And I thought Glodis's video was the highlight of the whole convention, perhaps second only to Deval's speech, which I thought was very good. LG Tim also gave a good speech, I thought. Murph not so much; Bump, meh; Lake, solid; Grossman, OK. Glodis shouldn't have bothered giving his speech, his voice was so shot, but damn that was a great video.

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