Deval And Labor, Whodo Thunkit? (Hint: Me)

Nothing against Brian Mooney's fine article in today's Boston Globe. Just sayin', it leads with:

Of all the daunting challenges facing Deval Patrick this reelection year, there is one that would have been especially difficult to imagine more than three years ago when he became the first Democrat in 16 years to assume the governor’s office: unrest in the ranks of organized labor, particularly among public employee unions.

And just sayin', in December 2006 I wrote an article titled "Deval's Dance With Labor" that raised the question of whether labor organizations -- particularly public-employee unions -- were about to find themselves with a Democratic governor at odds with them, and whom they had little influence over.

Anyway, enough about me; go ahead and read Mooney's article. Just make sure you think of me!

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