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My comments on some things flappin' around...

--Kudos to the boys at Blue Mass Group for digging up the clip of Scott Brown suggesting that Obama may have been born out of wedlock. I don't know that it puts Brown into the 'birther' category; I just think it makes him boorish, obnoxious, and disrespectful. Uncool.

--Bear in mind that pretty much all the polling you've seen has been based on voter-turnout assumptions that almost certainly no longer apply, now that the race has attained total public-consciousness saturation. Don't know what that will mean for the final results -- and it doesn't mean the polling was wrong, just that it was measuring something (a low-to-medium turnout election) that isn't the same thing as what will actually take place.

--Leaked Coakley internal tracking numbers that have been reported elsewhere seem to indicate that Brown's momentum peaked late this week, and has started to recede. Other polling and info seems to suggest the same. That seems to mean that Brown led at his peak, and now it's a dead heat.

--I'm not saying it means anything, but in the past 24 hours or so I've had two conversations in which a Mass. Democrat speculated about who would run in 2012 against Brown, if Brown wins. (Either Coakley or Brown would have to run again in '12, when Kennedy's full term would have ended.)

--The Brown campaign has done a good job of tossing out enough whiny nonsense to keep the conservative bloggers and yakkers occupied: reporter getting shoved, misspelling Massachusetts, Schilling's a Yankees fan, etc. etc. The two latest are the "criminal complaint" over an over-the-top mailer from the Mass. Dems (the piece is slimy, but far from criminal); and claims that Paul Kirk will be ineligible to cast votes as soon as the election is over.

--Wonder how different this weekend would be around here if the Patriots had won last week....

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