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--There's been a lot of talk about powerful-man adultery of late, what with Mark Sanford, John Ensign, Tiger Woods, and even a whole TV series, The Good Wife, about the topic. So this prompts me to mention yet again one of my pet peeves of 2008: the lack of public discussion about John and Cindy McCain's adulterous beginnings. It's really worth going back and watching the sweet, gauzy bio video the campaign played in prime time at the Republican National Convention. Start around 1:50 into it for the touching moment, which I described this way at the time:

I've been wondering how they would handle telling the McCains' sordid coupling tale -- you know, how he picked her up at a bar when he was married to someone else -- and wouldn't you know it, they went right ahead and told it in those same gauzy tones as they do any other love story in those convention videos. Leaving out the whole wife part, of course. It was beautiful: love at first sight, the narrator called it.


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