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...for anyone wondering what's going on inside my tiny, cramped little brain...

--I thought President Obama's address last night seemed quite effective, and I'd bet that polls show a bump in public support for his handling of Afghanistan. That, and Joe Biden, might help keep Congressional liberals calm about it. Maybe.

--It's hard to see how the July '11 deadline for beginning the withdrawal of some of the 100,000 troops if conditions on the ground merit could be seen as a 'date certain for surrender,' as John McCain and other Republicans used to love describing any talk of deadlines in Iraq. So I've noticed that in appearances after Obama's address, McCain and others have truncated the phrase to just 'date certain.' As in, "deep concerns about setting a date certain," and "We didn’t need a date certain." And journalists and commentators are using it too: "This commitment to a date certain immediately came in for criticism"; "John McCain is concerned about the date certain." 

--Turns out that back when he was governor of Arkansas, with actual power of government over people's lives, Mike Huckabee once slipped up and -- at the unanimous urging of an advisory panel -- did a good, just, and reasonable thing. He should have known better, if he wanted a future in today's Republican party.

--In sports broadcasting, when attention-seeking buffoons evade security and run out onto the field to make public jackasses of themselves, the cameras are turned away to keep the interlopers off TV, so they are not rewarded for their behavior and others are not encouraged to emulate it. This is done because the media treats sports with more respect, dignity, and sense of responsibility than it treats Presidential State Dinners.

--November 14 was the last time the Boston Herald mentioned the US Senate race on its cover in any way -- except for a banner along the bottom Monday teasing that day's Herald-sponsored debate. I suspect that may be a reflection of public interest in the race.

--And that's nothing compared to the uphill climb of Charlie Baker, whose big announcement of a state pension-reform plan was completely and thoroughly ignored in the Boston papers.

--The Worcester Telegram & Gazette joined the Globe in endorsing Alan Khazei for the Dem Senate primary; the Herald picked Capuano. The only paper that I've seen come out for Coakley so far isn't even in the state: the Providence Journal. (The Boston Phoenix endorsement will be out later today!)

--Early outlook for primary day, according to high of 41 degrees, 20% chance of precipitation. That's gotten a little worse than it was at yesterday.

--I caught Roxbury's own Russell Ferguson (formally trained at Boston Art Academy HS) on So You Think You Can Dance? last night, and all I can say is why aren't we seeing more local coverage of this guy? Scary talented. I understand he's the favorite to win. (Is winning SYTYCD a springboard to fame and fortune? I've never followed it.) I mean, I realize he's only a footnote to the pretty Haverill blonde who got eliminated, but still...

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