BMG Poll, & Other Notes

--The progressive Blue Mass Group blog/community, which opened a state PAC recently, commissioned a poll of the US Senate race. Taken Wednesday and Thursday, just after the first televised debate, the poll finds the race looks much like the Western Mass. poll showed before the debate: Coakley way ahead (but with soft support); Capuano and Pagliuca even; Khazei still on the starting blocks. Side note to BMG guys: if you want attention for a poll, 4:00 Friday afternoon is not the time to release the results!

--It's celebrity robocall weekend! Be sure and let me know whose voice you hear from, on behalf of which candidate.

--(Sigh) How many times must we go through this.... OK, pay close attention: Petrolati, DeLeo, etc. wanted to lift the price cap on ticket reselling (no, no, only for ticket brokers, not for regular people like you, duh!) because it was good legislation to benefit the people of the Commonwealth, not because DiMasi and his pals were pressuring them to do it on behalf of ACE Ticket. What's that you ask? How is it good legislation to benefit the people of the Commonwealth? That's very technical, you really wouldn't understand. What's that you say? You want to see the documentation that shows the decision-making process? Sorry, don't you remember -- geez, DiMasi explained this like a year ago, are you slow or something? -- if that decision-making process was shown to anyone (including other state legislators), it would impede the sacred decision-making process by which legislative leaders decide to pass such courageous, Commonwealth-benefitting laws like the one allowing ACE Ticket to make a gazillion-dollar profit. Nothing to see here! Move along! (Hey, could someone call over to Menino's MIS guy and ask him how that double-deleting, hard-drive-swapping stuff works?)

--Boston Globe endorses Tom Menino.

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