Cyber-Slacking Amateurs!

As it happens, I am Facebook friends with, and a Twitter follower of, Michael Ross staffer Amy Derjue, dubbed today by the Boston Herald as the "poster girl for the on-the-clock cyber-slacking" that apparently infests our local governmental hackorama.

Derjue, as I have told her before, doesn't do enough posting during the day; if she's the worst offender, government employees are a lot more self-disciplined than I thought. (Me, I'm on FB and Twitter all the freakin' time. Friend me and follow me!!! Especially if you're a Boston government worker who likes to cyber-slack!) Or, perhaps the others are cyber-slacking on porn sites like normal American workers. 

I also think Heslam and Wedge may be overestimating the time it takes to type 140 characters; they say Derjue recently "spent the morning complaining about her chilly City Hall cubicle on Twitter" -- I just checked, and Derjue posted exactly one Twitter update that entire workday.

Anyway, I see that Fox25 is all gaga about Derjue and her fellow amateur, two-bit cyber-slackers -- I can't imagine the hoopla if they ever checked out some REAL cyber-slackers.... like journalists!

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