Selvig Punks Himself?

From time to time in politics there's an accusation of subliminal ad messaging -- usually that some negative word or phrase on screen briefly overlaps an image of the opponent's face, in a way that you can't see unless you go frame-by-frame.

Well, I'm sorry to say that Allston-Brighton District Council candidate Alex Selvig seems to have done it -- to himself.

Selvig's new campaign video (which is actually pretty good -- although I still miss the boxing gloves from his last campaign) covers various topics, leading into each section with a white screen labelled "education," or "absentee landlords,"  -- or, for the segment on A-B's rat problem, the word "vermin." Which briefly overlays on the image of Selvig, as you can see from the super-high-tech Phoenix-exclusive screen capture below.




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