Q&A #6 -- District 7 Coverage?

"Malign Neglect" asks:

Is there a media blackout on the District 7 race again this year?

Clearly, there has not been a flood of attention paid to the race, which pits (indicted) incumbent Chuck Turner against second-time challenger Carlos "Tony" Henriquez and two others. But it hasn't been a total blackout. The Banner has written about it, as have the JP Gazette and others. The South End News is up with a feature on Henriquez today. Dorchester News has made mentions of the race; and Henriquez has been quoted as a candidate at least once in each of the Globe and Herald. Touch 106.1 just held an on-air debate for the candidates.

In other words: the media outlets closest to the district are giving it some attention already. And remember, it's still early in the grand scheme of things. Also, bear in mind that Henriquez got walloped by (pre-scandal) Turner two years ago, so it's hard to say whether it's likely to be a real race this time. And finally, I don't think you can say that the race has gotten less media attention than any of the other district council races. (Or, for instance, the special election for state rep earlier this year.)

All that said, yes I think there should be a lot more media attention on that race -- including by me. But I don't think that the District 7 race is getting disproportionately ignored, just proportionately ignored.

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