Q&A #10 -- Queer TV

"Sexy Tell Me creative director" (if that's your real name!) asks:

Do you believe that showing more gay main characters in movies/TV will result in moving more people towards equality? How much influence over the average American does mainstream television and movies have on political and social issues, in your opinion?

I suspect that STMcd might have some ulterior motive with this question -- her Twitter bio reads "An upcoming drama series for the LGBTQA community. Each episode will leave you hungry for the next."

I will say this, though. Several years back, a consultant of my acquaintence (Hi sis!) did some focus groups on acceptance of gay marriage and found that suburban women were becoming more accepting of the idea. That was at least partly because of the old truism that people become more accepting when they personally know a gay person -- but in this case, the gay person they "knew" was Will Truman.

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