I'll Be On Radio Today, And Other Quick Items

--This afternoon at 1:00, I will be David Boeri's guest on WBUR's "Radio Boston," to talk about Boston politics. Please listen, and call in if you'd like!

--Do you realize how much money you could have made by investing in the stock market on March 3, when President Obama infamously said he thought it was a good time to buy? That day the markets closed at DJIA: 6726; NASDAQ: 1321; S&P 500: 696. Check them now.

--In my recent article about the "conservative marketplace," I cited the example of the Gun Owners of America claiming that health care reform would create a database that would be used to deny gun purchases for people with medical conditions, like Alzheimers. (And BTW, in case you thought I was exaggerating, here's an action alert where the group specifically warns its members that "people with Alzheimer's, ADHD, and other disorders will begin losing their gun rights" if the law passes.)  Today The Hill reports that the group is still at it. Unfortunately, the article fails to even address the question of whether the reforms could actually lead to such a thing. (They can't.)

--Speaking of the conservative marketplace, three of the top five NY Times hardcover non-fiction bestsellers are the wild anti-left rantings of Michelle Malkin (3rd week at #1), Dick Morris, and Mark R. Levin. Coming this fall: Glenn Beck, "Arguing With Idiots"; John Derbyshire, "We Are Doomed"; and two from Jerome Corsi, "Why Israel Can't Wait" and "America For Sale."

--And hey, Media Farm, I've been waiting six years for you to fling puerile ad hominem insults at me, as you have so many of my colleagues. And that's all you got? How disappointing.

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