Drunken Political Young Professionals And Other Thoughts

Just a few quick notes and observations:

--Boston's at-large council candidates aren't exactly burning up the Twitter wires. By my count (as of this morning) the 12 of them who have accounts have posted a total of 135 updates since July 1 -- and 56 of those are from Tito Jackson. Ayanna Pressley is a distant second with 17.  Not coincidentally, I imagine, Jackson is also one of the few with any followers to speak of. He has 302, behind only John Connolly (464) and ahead of Andrew Kenneally (289). Next is Ego Ezedi, with a pathetic 53 followers. Oh, and hey Ayanna: put a photo up already! Jeez!

--Charlie, Tim, Christy...  is this a gubernatorial race, or auditions for ZOOM? Can we have some grown-up names in the race please?

--None of Massachusetts's 10 Democratic Congressmen are on the GOP's list of 70 targets. Speaking of which, I don't know if Bill Hudak has much of a chance of defeating John Tierney next year, but he's sure as hell got a patriotic tie.

--I swear, if this Patrick-Grabauskas contretemps turns out to be a ploy to get Marian Walsh appointed to head the MBTA....

--I see that BPD officer Justin Barrett is suing the city for, I don't know, conspiring to make him write a racist email about the Skip Gates arrest. Forget the "jungle monkey" racism -- how can you have a cop on the street who believes that suspects have no rights?

--And BTW, can't we keep our racist slang straight? It's "monkey," or it's "jungle bunny"; "jungle monkey" isn't a thing.

--Tonight, the Massachusetts GOP is having a "Young Professionals Tequila Tasting" event at Vintage Lounge. Not too far away, at the Red Hat, Sam Yoon is holding a "Young Professionals Meet and Greet." Do you think if they get together they can work out their differences, a la Skip Gates & Officer Crowley? Or alternatively, if the two groups of Young Professionals run into each other afterward, who would win the drunken rumble?

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