Machine Mayor For Life's Long Ride, And Other Campaign Comments

Just a few random things....

--Today, the Globe's front page is a winner for Gov. Patrick, even though (or, because) he's not mentioned at all. The big headline is about how the state's economy seems to have turned a corner, and seems to indicate that we're better positioned than other states for the recovery. Elsewhere on the page, current Patrick arse-pain Dan Grabauskas gets a smack-down, and the collapsing state pension investments get written up as a potential political problem for Tim Cahill. Good morning reading for Deval -- WAY better than stories about how much the general populace thinks you suck.

--Not sure Mayor Menino was quite as pleased with the "Mayor For Life?" cover of the Herald. Nor with the implication of the "Man Versus Machine" headline on the new BoMag Michael Flaherty profile. Or the "Menino's Long Ride" headline on the new Commonwealth Mag cover story.

--If you were trying to get in touch with anyone from the mayoral candidates' campaigns this morning between 11 and noon, from the looks of it it's possible that they were all busy anonymously sending in questions for Menino's live chat.

--Tonight's a good chance to check out some local candidates. A local group of progressives in Jamaica Plain, called "JP Progressives" is showing some gumption in the local political process by scheduling three candidate events. Round one is tonight at Doyle's from 6:30 to 9:30, which is good scheduling because people will figure well, the worst thing that happens is I'm at Doyle's, which is not so bad. On tap tonight are Michael Flaherty, John Connolly, Ayanna Pressley, Ego Ezedi, and Sean Ryan, which I think makes for an excellent three-hour drinking contest; my initial impulse is to bet on Connolly (because he's got some heft -- not just b/c he's Irish!), but new dads sometimes really lose their drinking tolerance, so I'm taking the underdog Ryan. Pressley could be the wild card; some gals from Chicago can drink anyone under the table.

--Oh, check that, apparently it's not a drinking contest. It's a forum where they'll each get 20 minutes to speak and take questions. (Although I don't see why it can't be both.)

--Returning to the gubernatorial scene (where Cahill's the drinking-contest favorite),  Charlie Baker's new campaign web site is getting a little razzing, a bit unfairly I'd say... although I'm on the side of those put off by the melty-B logo. Or flag-wavy-B, or whatever it's supposed to be.

--Also, fat chance getting coverage for your campaign-launch press avail on the same morning as the avail for the GatesGate 9-1-1 caller.

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