Who Wants To Be A Governor?

So it seems that Charlie Baker really is throwing his hat into the ring, getting word out just after Tim Cahill pretty much made his independent run official. Assuming Baker beats Christie Mihos in the GOP primary, that means a three-way showdown between three well-funded, serious, attractive candidates with state-wide organizations.

Thank goodness, I'll have something to write about.

I still say that the threesome benefits Deval Patrick, by splitting the anti-incumbent vote. We'll see. (We'll also see whether someone credible enough to potentially peel 5 pct. points from Patrick jumps in as an independent or third-party from the left.)

Steve Grossman is the first of many who will try for Cahill's Treasurer job. This is an office the GOP should have won multiple times recently -- their inability to even challenge Cahill in '06 was, to my mind, one of their biggest embarrassments. Frankly, it's an embarrassment that there wasn't already a Republican putting their name out for the job before Cahill made clear he was leaving.

There's also an opening in that party for a lt. gov.; Baker's choice (and I'm sure he'll choose a running mate) will be interesting -- will he go with a known GOP entity, to help shore the base against Cahill incursions, or someone seen as relatively independent of the party (like himself) to avoid the Republican taint?

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