Q&A #5: GOP Gov

"Mer" asks:

Is Charlie Baker running for governor, and if not, who is the next best hope for the GOP in 2010?

I have no special insight into Baker's brain, but from people I've spoken with I get the impression that he is serious in his interest. I'm guessing that he ultimately does not run -- especially if Tim Cahill really looks like he's running as an independent.

A Cahill independent candidacy makes it awfully tough for a Republican candidate, as I have previously written. Cahill and the GOP nom would be splitting the right-of-Deval vote, and to beat the incumbent you need all of that vote to yourself.

Beyond Baker, I think Chris Egan might be their best bet, but I haven't heard any squeak about him or anyone else lately. Bear in mind that whoever gets in would have to spend some serious dough to fight a primary battle against a wealthy and well-known opponent in Christie Mihos, and then really spend big in the general election campaign. Egan obviously has the do-re-mi for that, but others -- like state senator Scott Brown, for example -- would have to start fundraising soon to make it happen.

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