Barney Keller Goes To NY

I just got a press release from the Mass. GOP, announcing that communications director Barney Keller is leaving to work for another lost cause: the gubernatorial campaign of New York Republican Rick Lazio.

Keller's a nice guy, who is sadly doomed to toil as a mouthpiece for unpopular products -- ie, northeastern Republicans.

Lazio, last seen getting his clock cleaned by Hillary Clinton in the 2000 Senate race, has just recently launched his exploratory committee for the 2010 governor's race, buoyed by a poll showing that incumbent David Paterson is so unbelievably unpopular that even Lazio leads him by three points.

Of course, it's unlikely that Paterson's ratings will still be at this nadir 18 months from now -- not that it matters, because most likely Andrew Cuomo will be the Democratic nominee. Lazio has no chance against Cuomo.

Not that that matters, because Lazio is toast in the primary if Rudy Giuliani runs, as is much rumored. And if Giuliani doesn't run, it's almost certain that the NY GOP establishment will rally around somebody else. For now, that someone else appears to be Chris Collins. The New York Post recently made it sound like Collins is the "Plan B" for folks like former Senator Al D'Amato if Giuliani doesn't run. And ask Bill Weld what happens to GOP gubernatorial candidates opposed by D'Amato in the primary.

All that said, Lazio's campaign is a good step for Keller, and we wish him good luck. As for the Mass. GOP, most of its personnel from the 2008 election cycle are now gone; whether the new crew are an improvement remains to be seen.

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