Ask Me Anything Tuesday, 4/28

It's been so long since the last Ask Me Anything Day, you may have forgotten how it works. Here is the process:

1) You ask me anything, using the comments below or by sending an email to me at;

2) I do my best to answer, in separate posts throughout the day.

For example, let's say you asked: "What do you make of the House passing the sales tax increase last night, by a veto-proof margin, after Gov. Patrick vowed to veto a sales tax increase earlier in the day?"

I would answer: "It seems to me that House members have concluded from recent events that they are safer under the protection of their Speaker, than of the Governor. Speaker DeLeo believes that a single, large sales tax increase will be more politically palatable to the voters than a series of smaller increases (ie, Patrick's soda/candy/etc. sales tax, a large gas tax, small income tax hike, etc.) Since the Gov has looked like a politically liability of late, members are now more willing to follow the Speaker than Patrick. Soon we'll see whether the 108 votes are enough of a statement to convince the senate to go along -- or if pres Murray is willing to wage a public battle in favor of even less popular tax increases."

See how that works? So please, ask me anything. I'm looking forward to it!

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