Today's Massachusetts Papers, 4/23

The Craigslist killer story isn't getting quite the wall-to-wall detail-poring coverage of, say, Neil Entwistle -- yet. But the Herald appears to have most of their staff working on it, and the addition of the phrase "secret stash of panties" certainly helps. (Prudish Globe calls it "underwear [investigators] alleged was taken from two victims." That's not how you sell papers!) Elsewhere:

--Everyone loves free transponders! Telegram & Gazette, among others, reports. Won't this just encourage people to drive more? Hey, how about free rail passes? Anybody think of that?

--Both sides of the wind farm issue happy? So says the Cape Cod Times.

--Westford, one of America's 100 Best Places To Live, and the only one in the state? Bah. But so says a new list, reports the Lowell Sun.

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