Fundraising In The Hub

--Tom Menino just deposited well over $10,000 from Boston-area contributors with East Asian surnames. Take that, Sam Yoon!

--Menino also got a nice contribution from former DA and almost-challenger Ralph Martin. Take that, former Martin employee Michael Flaherty!

--Sam Yoon is going across the river to Cambridge to hold a "College Night with Sam Yoon at the Hong Kong." Take that, college hang-out spots in Boston!

--Michael Flaherty flew a banner over Fenway Park last week. Take that, Tampa Bay Rays!

--On the 25th, Flaherty supporters will "hustle on over" to a "1970s Party" fundraiser at Florian Hall. Take that, ... no, sorry, I don't get it. A "1993 Party" I would get -- to demonstrate how long ago Menino became Mayor. You could fill the room with pictures of Bill Clinton being sworn in; the Rodney King trial; John Wayne Bobbitt's penis; Jurassic Park, and the-symbol-representing-the-artist-formerly-known-as-Prince. That I would get. 1970s? That's just going to be a bunch of Irish guys in bad clothes listening to bad music. Is that what a Mayor Flaherty would bring to Boston?

--Tomas Gonzalez holds a much better-sounding party/fundraiser at Foundation Lounge Thursday -- and spells councillor with two L's! Top that, one-L councilor candidates! [Update: This originally read "two c's," which is an error that makes me look particularly silly given the context. Oops!]

--Felix G. Arroyo counters with some bold-face contributors: Chester Atkins; Herb Gleason; Thomas Kershaw.

--Andrew Kenneally's Facebook says 78 confirmed and 160 maybes for his campaign kickoff fundraiser at Spinelli's, hosted by a state senator, a state representative, and a district councilor. Sure, they're from redundant districts, but still!

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