Tax Day Tea Party Info

I'm a big believer in protest. If you've got a complaint, especially against the government, get up and say so and make sure you're heard.

I've seen a lot of political protests, from one lonely soul to hundreds of thousands. I've seen the profound, the passionate, the hate-filled, and the absurd. Most ultimately have little impact toward the organizers' goals -- in fact, they are often detrimental to the cause -- but that's not surprising, because people tend to protest when they feel they have no avenue for effecting the change they believe in.

I've been following the conservative/libertarian "Tea Party" protests pretty closely, and I suspect that the nation-wide "Tax Day Tea Party" events will be pretty well-attended, so I wanted to pass along what info I have about the events in the area, for those who wish to participate. The protests have their failings, and there will surely be much to criticize about them, from incoherent messaging to overly rabid participants. That's OK. Most of the Tea Party organizers, and participants, are less experienced in this sort of thing than groups whose protests have sometimes suffered the exact same flaws.

Indeed, it might be a nice outcome if those on the right come away with more empathy for the left-wing protesters they have mocked in the past, and if those on the left come away with more understanding of how their protests can look to those with opposing views.

In Boston, there will be two events, or one long event depending on how you look at it I suppose. The first, for the lunchtime crowd, will be in front of the State House, roughly 12am - 3pm. The second will be at Christopher Columbus Park in the North End, roughly 5pm - 7pm, for the after-work crowd. My understanding is that there will be a march from one to the other at 4:00. I also am told that FOX News will be providing some live coverage from Boston.

Another TDTP will be held in Lowell, at JFK Plaza (outside City Hall), from 4-8pm.

In Worcester, it will be at Lincoln Square, by the Auditorium, from 4-6pm.

In Pittsfield, Park Square, 4-6pm.

I have seen reference to quite a few others around the state, but I'm not sure which of those will really pan out or not. I'll be glad to update if people send me more info.

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