Fehrnstrom Sets Iowa Straight (So To Speak)

Eric Fehrnstrom, loyal Mitt Romney flack, has a guest column in the Des Moines Register sharing his wisdom on gay marriage -- wisdom gained during the gay-marriage wars in Massachusetts -- with Iowans who will soon be experiencing it for themselves. For gay-rights supporters who were in Massachusetts during those wars, it's a great read, in the punch-your-fist-through-the-screen-trying-to-throttle-that-lying-hypocritical-weasel sense of good reading.

Fehrnstrom begins with the sad news that, alas and alack, some extremists will polarize and hyperbolize the issue, rather than engaging in civili discourse. "The next few years will not be happy times for the Hawkeye state," Fehrnstrom laments. "The first casualty will be respect and tolerance for people on the other side."

Sigh. If only everyone had been as civil, respectful and tolerant as Fehrnstrom's boss....

Fehrnstrom then gets to the meat of his column, which is to lay out "the five biggest myths about gay marriage, based on the Massachusetts experience."

I'll let you read them for yourself, for maximum effect. And if you're really in one of those "ooh I hate that Mitt Romney!" moods, watch this Romney encounter with a dying MS sufferer, which I was recently pointed to.

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