Maid Marian, Unmade

So, state senator Marian Walsh's lifelong dream of having the number-two job at a state financing authority has been dashed, perhaps forever.

A few remaining questions for us to ponder:

--Will HEFA hire someone else for that long-vacant assistant executive director, to prove that it really is necessary? And if so, what will the salary be?

--Who was Terri Murray planning to elevate to Majority Whip once Walsh was gone? And how will Murray handle this setback to that plan?

--Will Walsh run for re-election in 2010? If so, will Michael Rush challenge her? Will John Tobin? Others?

--Or, will Murray quietly (or not so quietly) explain to Walsh that she is now a cancer on the senate, and she needs to leave ASAP?

Add your own unanswered questions in the comments...

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