Another Exciting CPAC Day

Big, exciting day at CPAC today: Schlafly, Bennett, Coulter, Horowitz, Limbaugh, Santorum, and oh so many more -- plus Romney's attempt to three-peat in the annual straw poll.

But for me the highlight is the presentation of the Conservative Blogger Award, which is going to Steven Gilchrest.

Now, there are good conservative bloggers and bad conservative bloggers, and there are insane conservative bloggers and there are WTF!?!?!? conservative bloggers... and then there's Steven Gilbert.

The first time I came across Gilbert was back in 2004, when he suggested that John Kerry should be court-marshalled and perhaps executed for his actions in Paris, 1970.

Gilbert spent most of that fall obsessed with Kerry's behavior around that time period -- including claims that he plotted to assassinate leaders of the US government. ("It is almost impossible to believe that Kerry got so far in his political career without anyone ever bringing it up before," Gilbert mused.)

That was when Gilbert contributed to American Thinker; he now has his own site, "Sweetness and Light," at which he mostly screams at anything he reads in the papers, which are apparently all constantly trying to foist left-wing lies at us. I don't pay much attention to him, but my impression was that his most notable achievement of the past year was making an ass of himself trying to prove that Barack Obama's grand-uncle didn't really help liberate a concentration camp. Gilbert also relentlessly pounded on Rev. Wright; maybe that's what earned him the award.

Oh, and I was totally passed over for yesterday's Conservative Journalism Award, which went to American Spectator's J. Peter Friere.

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