Mitt Vs. Harry Reid?

If you're looking to sell a palatial estate in Nevada, I think I might know somebody who'll be looking to buy soon.

You may have noticed that Mitt Romney is once again a ubiquitous presence, making speeches, doing fundraisers, getting interviewed on cable news, sitting down with Time Magazine, etc. etc. -- and getting talked about as a potential HHS Secretary or Economic Advisor or whatever else comes up. The pace is only going to increase: later this month he's booked for a huge DC fundraiser for his own PAC, a Virginia fundraiser for Barbara Comstock, the California state GOP convention in Sacramento, and back to DC for the conservative CPAC conference. (I wonder how Ann, who in addition to her MS had surgery to remove breast cancer in early December, feels about all this.)

What you might not have noticed is that another PAC -- the American Future Fund -- which was started by some of Romney's former campaign people after he dropped out, has turned its sights on attacking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid back in his home state of Nevada.

The GOP is aching to defeat Reid, or at least give him a real challenge, in his 2010 re-election. But all of their prospective nominees have been fading; their most likely candidate at this point is former congressman Jon Porter, who lost his own re-election bid this past November. The Republican Lieutenant Governor, who also wants to run, has recently been indicted.

Where oh where might they find a candidate who can run a serious, high-profile, multi-million-dollar campaign against one of the three most powerful Democrats in the country?

Hint: Mormonism is an asset in Nevada. (Reid is Mormon, in fact.)

Romney, you might recall, campaigned hard in Nevada and won the caucuses there, helping to blunt his loss in South Carolina. The genius of running against Reid is that, win or lose, Romney becomes a hero to the GOP just for taking it on. I think he's planning to do it. Of course, he doesn't actually live there, but that's easily fixed. So, anyone got a home for sale?

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