More Krazy Konservatives!

As the RNC gathers for its big meeting, and to elect a chairman (reports suggest Duncan, but don't count out Krazy Katon Dawson!): 

--Dan rightly takes Jeff Jacoby to task for perpetuating the bogus CBO report figures, but I'll do him one better: the House Minority Whip (and 19th Scariest Conservative!) repeating the lie to Marc Ambinder last night as his #1 problem with the stimulus bill: "I think first of all you have to focus spending on actual stimulus. You've got CBO saying that  only 25 percent goes out in the first year."

--Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, rumored to be facing a challenge from the religious right in 2010, surveys the nation's problems and singles out... government employees looking at internet porn! (Chuck: this was at the National Science Foundation, during the Bush administration -- this is what happens when you don't let scientists spend their time doing science.)

--Grassley has also switched from supporting S-CHIP expansion to threatening to help block its passage. You may recall that the enormously popular bill -- and I mean enormously, overwhelmingly, staggeringly popular bill -- passed, but was vetoed by Bush, and couldn't get the votes to override. (Here in Massachusetts, the issue essentially sunk Jim Ogonowski's bid for Congress against Niki Tsongas.) This year, the new Prez is ready to sign, and it has passed the House... but now Republicans are looking to block it from the floor in the Senate. 

--Another Republican Senator in danger from the right in 2010, whore-happy Louisianan David Vitter, is OUTRAGED that the stimulus bill might, potentially, send money to ACORN -- although he isn't nearly as apoplectic as the FOX News interviewer.

--The national co-chair of Republican Majority for Choice is beginning to notice that the GOP isn't really very welcoming to pro-choice believers. On the other hand, it may be hard to get taken seriously when your name is Candy Straight.

--But it's all cool, the GOP is doing just fine -- in four states out of 50: scroll down for this must-see Gallup map.

UPDATE: Right after I posted this, I got a press release from a group of more than two dozen right-wingers who are demanding the removal of Jed Babbin as editor of the ultra-conservative pub/web site Human Events. Their beef: Babbin supposedly knew during the primary campaign, and suppressed, proof of Mitt Romney's "far left-wing... radical record in Massachusetts," including how Romney "illegally instituted same-sex 'marriage' and $50 government-funded abortions." Yakker Gregg Jackson is leading the cause.

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