Flaherty Announces... Or Not

UniversalHub caught a Michael Flaherty mayoral announcement video up on YouTube tonight... which quickly disappeared after UHub blogged about it. It appears to have been posted by "flahertyformayor09" and received just five views before getting yanked; none of those five viewers were me, unfortunately, but it appears to be a three-minute clip with Flaherty sitting at a table speaking directly to the camera.

I'd have to guess this was a premature launch -- I certainly haven't received any press release or heads-up of any kind, and can't find any announcement or info on Flaherty's web site, Facebook page, etc. And this would be a pretty odd time, don't you think?

It being the middle of the night, I don't anticipate getting any answers at the moment. But it looks like A) Flaherty's in, and B) we have our first flub of the campaign.

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