Q&A #10: Local Online Politics

"CommAveDem" says:

Who are your "go-to's" online for local political coverage? With PolitickerMA gone, other than your blog of course, there seems to be limited coverage out there beyond the always solid Blue Mass Group and UHub. Thanks.

You have a point. I mean, if there were other good places to go, would I be getting so many questions on Ask Me Anything Day? No, you'd be off Asking Somebody Else Anything.

Oh, and since you mention Universal Hub, I would like to formally deny that I crashed its site this morning to prevent Adam messing with Ask Me Anything Day again. But let this be a warning to you all, of what happens when you commit sacrilege against Ask Me Anything Day!

But no hard feelings; in fact, Adam is probably a better person to ask this question than me, so I invite him to make his suggestions, either here or on his site.

As for me... for local blogs, I like Paul and Jay; on statehouse politics there's this new one that's good; also you probably know that several of the BMG regulars have their own blogs. (Hi, Lynne!) Boston Daily is probably the best of the media-outlet blogs (other than the Phoenix's, obviously). Many of the neighborhood papers are online, including the Dorchester Reporter, which does some terrific political reporting; there's also the Banner, BBJ, Bay Windows, Beacon Hill Times, JP Gazette, Bulletin, and others.

If anyone has additional recommendations, please let me know!

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