McCrea Alone

Yup, Kevin McCrea is running for mayor of Boston.

As of today, he is the only declared candidate. That's not to say that the rest of the potential candidates are being a bunch of weak-kneed cowards. I wouldn't call them that -- yet.

Signature petitions for mayoral candidates are due on May 19th. (Apparently that deadline is being reviewed and may be changed.) That's 117 days from today, by my calculations.

So I'm willing to give them another 17 days leeway, to man up and get in the game.

However, if McCrae is the only candidate in the race as of February 8th -- 100 days before signatures are due -- I will have to assume that nobody else has the stones to run, and will begin referring to the unchallenged McCrea on this blog as "presumptive Mayor-elect."

In addition, I will begin strongly insinuating that other potential mayoral candidates -- including the incumbent -- are running scared of McCrea. I will almost certainly call their manhood iinto question.

That's fair warning: you have 17 days to put up.

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