True ProgBlogging: Take Back Barack

Some ten months after Deval Patrick took office as Massachusetts Governor -- in large part due to the hard work of grassroots progressives -- I wrote an article called The Left, Left Out?, reporting on how those very progressives felt like they were losing steam, and influence, as a movement.

Will something similar happen on a national scale with Barack Obama? My Portland colleagues Jeff and Deirdre do not intend to sit around quietly and then engage in woeful retrospection. No, they intend to stay right on top of the new President, and watch him closely for evidence of caution, compromise, and centrism.

They have launched a blog called Take Back Barack, and want their fellow liberals to join them in keeping a solid, leftward tug on the President-elect.

Go check it out. And if you are so inclined, jump in and join them. It's never too early to worry about being left out. 

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