Fight Amongst Yourselves. Please!

I've been away on a little vacation to Mexico, where the pols had me yearning for some real action back home to write about. (There's some Solons Gone Wild to keep Herald scribes busy!)

Of course, back home our pols are mostly keeping prosecutors busy. Subpoenas, get your subpoenas here! The Globe reports that the COGNOS investigation has now reached the grand jury stage, so we can officially add that to the pile. And, as if we're in some danger of having our legislature run too smoothly, we've had it ground to a halt over a dispute about whether or not to allow some real job-creating development to take place. (No, no, it's not casinos this time.)

Meanwhile, the state government's revenues are rapidly heading toward a cliff, heralding disaster for towns all across the Commonwealth; and from what I hear our transportation infrastructure is approaching DEFCON 5. I've been out of town, but if I've got my facts straight: an angry East Boston commuter through a shoe full of pennies at transportation secretary Bernard Cohen, whose job is now being sold by the governor to the highest bidder -- however, since interest has been outlawed by the federal reserve, and holdings in the Ponzi Investment Fund have vanished overnight, the only valid forms of payment accepted as holding value anymore are liquor licenses and famous last names.

So far, though, no punches thrown. Maybe the pols have been too distracted, like Howie Carr, by the Herald's latest set of state salary figures. Hacks! Hacks everywhere!

Well I'm back now, rested and ready. So c'mon Boston, get your fight on!

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