Fiscal Crisis -- And The Drapes?

Many of you may have noticed that there's a serious economic crisis going on, which is threatening a massive decrease in state revenues. That's going to mean massive spending cuts, almost certainly including local aid, which will almost certainly lead to property-tax increases in many cities and towns across the commonwealth.

You may have noticed all of this; but you probably missed how it's all connected to Governor Patrick's drapes.

That's probably because you take this crisis seriously -- as opposed to the Massachusetts Republican Party, which apparently thinks it's a gas. It has released this jocular web video today that includes some whimsical music, a lot of odd background laughter, and at the end an out-of-left-field reminder that when he came into office Patrick wanted to ride in a Cadillac and put fancy drapes into the governor's office.

Don't get me wrong; the Mass GOP has every right to criticize DiMasi and Patrick about their handling of this crisis. They should criticize. Perhaps they should even suggest a better plan of action, but I suppose that's a lot to ask while the party leadership is in flux.

But must they treat the whole thing like a big joke? Do they really think that's helpful in any way?

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