A Lot Going On

Lots of juicy things going on today, but I've been too bizz to pay enough attention to give the blog posts they deserve. (Other than my quick slap at the MassGOP's web ad. That didn't require much time and attention.)

--Mayor Menino made an important speech at the Chamber of Commerce this morning. Michael Flaherty has already attacked him on part of it -- the part about improving PILOT collections. The more important part is the new "Boston Invests" program.  I haven't had time to look closely at it.

--The governor of Illinois, who was widely suspected of being corrupt, turns out to be really corrupt, according to the US Attorney. This could have all kinds of implications, none of which I have had time to ponder or investigate... other than to note that this probably answers the age-old question, which I periodically pose to political pals, of which is the most politically corrupt state in America. (Louisiana, New Jersey, and Illinois are the perennial favorites.)

--In our local corruption scandal, the feds have charged Dianne Wilkerson and Chuck Turner with conspiracy, which I think was pretty much inevitable as a charge regardless of what the particulars of the facts turn out to be. But again, I haven't looked into it.

--Massachusetts fourth-graders kick the world's sorry ass in science.  This seems impressive, and probably says something about our state's education; although somehow they'll end up failing MCAS in high school, so what's that about?

--Three-month Treasury bills are trading at a negative rate, which I'm sure is very serious for reasons I might understand if I spent a few minutes to find out.

--Michael Steele probably took himself out of the running for RNC chair by saying that moderates should not be anathema to the party. Meanwhile Chip Saltsman officially declared his candidacy, and seems to be trying to dispel rumors that he is a stalking-horse for Mike Huckabee by providing evidence that he is actually a stalking-horse for Bill Frist.  Also, slot-machine afficianado William Bennett endorsed Steele; Steve Forbes endorsed Ken Blackwell; and clearly I spend too much time following this stuff compared to more important things.

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