Saxby Victory, Quick Comment

Here's the thing.

Saxby Chambliss -- Republican Senator from Georgia, who yesterday won the runoff for his re-election  -- is a pretty big guy. Nothing unusual, just kind of tall, broad-shouldered, etc. Jim Martin, the Democratic nebbish who challenged him, is a little guy. Again, nothing striking, just kind of short, thin-framed.

So, watching one of their debates in October (with a Libertarian who was closer to Martin's size than Chambliss's), every time the camera went to a wide shot I thought of the camera tricks they use in movies like Harry Potter, to make Hagrid look like a bigger species than the human-sized people, or in Lord of the Rings to make the hobbits look like a smaller species than the human-sized people. 

And you know how when you're watching one of those movies, you have to not think about that visual trickery, because once you start looking at it, you get sucked into watching this weirdly entertaining optical illusion that makes Ian McKellan look way bigger than Elijah Wood.

Well, it turns out that once I got into my head that Chambliss and Martin looked like the result of visual trickery, I couldn't stop thinking it. So any time I saw either of them, or anything about the Senate race, I was stupidly, immaturely, and somewhat imappropriately amusedby the idea.

So, I've been mostly just wanting the race to go away, which of course it refused to do on election day. So now, I'm mostly glad that it's over -- even if I was rooting against the Gondolf guy.

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