Answers? You Want Answers?

One of my favorite episodes of Cheers includes a bit where Sam, desperately trying to prevent Norm from hearing something, loudly clangs the little bell that hangs over the bar -- when everyone stares, he fumblingly claims that it is 'Bell Day.' Later, Sam and Norm have a furious argument, and Coach finally steps in to break it up, barking at them: "You're making a mockery out of Bell Day!"

And so I say, with great personal offense and righteous indignation, that Adam of Universal Hub has made a mockery out of Ask Me Anything Day.

Which I can fully appreciate. I can do nothing else but concede my inability to answer the questions posed. (In fact, I don't even have any good answers to the serious questions posed by Mr. Saklad and Mr. Pahre.)

But don't worry, Ask Me Anything Day will return. Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And Happy Bell Day!

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