Will Mitt Never Shut Up?

In today's Globe there's a must-read piece of political humor -- unintentionally so -- penned by long-time Romney spokesperson Eric Fehrnstom. In this op-ed, Fehrns the philosoph muses on the difficulties of running a national campaign in the new digital age.

His main lament is that, unlike the more responsible traditional media, these Internets make people believe untrue things. This is an interesting hypothesis, because it had been my observation that, during the time Romney was in the race, the main reason that people believed untrue things about other GOP candidates was Romney's campaign. (Usually spreading those untruths through the web, particularly via the Drudge Report -- which Fehrnstrom specifically cites as a spreader of Truth for alerting people to the McCain "Bomb bomb Iran," which Drudge almost certainly did at the behest of the Romney camp.)

The main reason that people believed untrue things about Romney himself, I had always thought, was that they mistakenly believed words that came out of Mitt Romney's mouth.

Romney himself has been more visible just in the few days after the election than during the months he was supposedly helping stump for McCain. I particularly enjoy this Q&A with Fortune. His #1 advice for President-elect Obama is to put the good of the country above politics and party. You know, like Mitt always does. Oh, and specifically don't worry if that hurts your chances for re-election; after all "it would be beneficial if our presidency consisted of only one term," says Mitt 2012.

Romney is concerned, however, that the unions will pressure Barry O to sign card-check legislation, ie changing the voting mechanism for unionizing, which "would do more to harm America's long-term competitiveness than almost anything I can imagine."


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