Q&A #1 -- Obama Chief Of Staff

 "Jefferey McNary" asks about the chief-of-staff position under a President Obama, and about the replacement for his US Senate seat.

It was recently leaked that Raum Emanuel has the cos job, which both sides denied. I thought that was a strange and unlikely leak -- this has been an air-tight, ultra-disciplined campaign, and it seems awfully unlikely that this kind of (self-sabotaging) info would get out a week before the election. In any event, I find it unlikely, but possible, that Emanuel is getting the job; likely, but not inevitable, that Daschle is getting it; and entirely possible that somebody else is getting it and we're totally in the dark about it.

I do think that Jesse Jackson Jr. probably has the slight edge for the Senate seat, and no, I don't think that Obama will force his friend Valerie Jarrett on anybody, as McNary suggests. As to the issue of Obama insisting on "yes-men" (or -women) that I think McNary is implying, I don't view his history that way, but I suppose others might.

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