Q&A #4 -- Turnout Effect For Q1

 "Gary" asks:

Carla Howell says that in the petition gathering, the troops had the best success in the working class and lower middle class neighborhoods, suggesting that there's a lot of support for Question 1 with a large turnout, particularly if that large turnout is from the lower-middle class that typically doesn't vote so much.

Irony, if a high Obama turnout means 'Yes' on Question 1, no?

Ah, irony. The Question 1 yes-votes are likely to come disproportionately from, shall we say, the Herald-Howie Carr demographic, as you suggest. But those are not the most likely Obama voters. If turnout is disproportionately high for Obama-enthusiasts, it should hurt Q1. But we don't know whether that will be the case, or whether turnout will be high across the board, or what. So I guess I'm saying, I dunno.

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