McCain Put Evildoer In Charge Of US Commerce!

In the latest RNC anti-Obama ad, William Daley's black-and-white mug (above the words "political boss") comes right between Tony Rezko and William Ayers, so you know he's pure evil. So why did John McCain help make him Commerce Secretary?

Politico reminds us that John McCain was chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee in charge of confirming Daley's nomination in 1997. McCain voted yes in the committee recommendation vote (and yes again in the full floor vote), and gave him words of high praise. McCain gave Daley further praise in assessing Daley's performance the following year.

On another note, go back and take a look at this ad that McCain put out in the first days of the financial-collapse panic three weeks ago. It warns that the worst, most dangerous this to do in this crisis would be to expand Washington powers and programs; it shows a menacing Capital building ballooning across a map. Less than three weeks later, of course, McCain is now touting as the cure a $300 billion program for the federal government to buy up and renegotiate millions of private mortgages worth trillions of dollars.

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