"Dear Barney" Letters

 Roll Call's web site is a terrific resource. One of its least useful, but most entertaining features is "Your Letters To Leaders" -- in which you can read the epistles directed toward lawmakers. Many are obviously cut-and-paste jobs, but some are clearly in the authors' own words.

Virtually all of the recent missives concern the bailout bill, mostly against. And our very own Barney Frank has, unsurprisingly, received quite a few. Here are some snippets I've culled for you:

How can someone that is the Financial Services Chair be such a dumbass? You and Nazi Pelosi are a disgrace to this country. I'm more or less an Independent and I cheer the fact the Republicans are call this <profanity removed> bill a <profanity removed> bill. and won't support it. --Prairie Village, KS

We have lost control of our government. They do not represent the people but every Special Interest Group that walks into the Capitol.... Pelosi, Frank and Paulson should resign!! The fact that Barney Fife is all over the TV lying his ass off is ridiculous. --Newton, MA

I don't like you! Get out of my congressional house!!!!!! I hope the people of MA vote your shameful self out of office... You do not represent the people of America, you represent corporate interests.--Dighton, MA

I commend you on fighting against the financial terrorist banksters, Paulson and Bernanke. Paulson and Bernanke are prostitutes of the international banksters who laid these plans carefully over time. We know the Federal Reserve system is their money laundering scheme for enslaving all nations. --Pahrump, MA

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