Bad Morale Day At McCain HQ

Seldom does so much polling data drop in a single day with so much bad news for one candidate. Let us briefly review.

Results from six new national polls were released today; Obama leads in all six, by margins ranging from 4 to 9 points. That's in addition to the various daily tracking polls, which also all show Obama ahead by similar margins.

Now for states won by Kerry in '04 that McCain has hoped to pick up. Three new polls today show Obama ahead in Pennsylvania, by 5, 7, and 15 points. Other new polls released today show Obama ahead by 16 in Iowa; by 9 in Wisconsin; by 9 in New Jersey; and by 11 in Minnesota.

Next, states won by Bush in '04 that Obama has hoped to pick up. Three polls released today all show Obama leading in Florida, by margins of 4, 4, and 8 points. Other new polls show Obama up by 9 in Virginia; by 4 in Nevada; by 8 in Ohio.

Two more polls show a virtual tie in the very red states of Missouri and Indiana.

And another two polls show McCain's lead down to single digits in the ridiculously red states of Texas and Mississippi.

Oh, and CBS News showed perhaps the most humiliating clip yet from the Katie Couric/Sarah Palin interviews. Can't have been a very cheery day with the McCain campaign.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day -- albeit one in which Palin will be answering unscripted questions on live television with tens of millions of people watching....


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