Some Questions On My Mind Today....

--Which is more to blame for the public's antipathy toward the bailout: President Bush's total lack of credibility, or the media's total failure to explain the fiscal crisis?

--Has anyone heard anything about those examples of McCain's business-regulation attempts, that Sarah Palin promised to get back to Katie Couric with the other day?

--Is Sam Yoon "considering" running against Menino kind of like how I'm "considering" fixing the porch this weekend?

--Do you think Sonia Chang-Diaz had any idea what she was getting into?

--If McCain had really skipped the debate, how would he have spent those 90 minutes?

--If McCain had really skipped the debate, would he have still done the ABC "This Week" townhall meeting he has scheduled for Sunday?

--Will Yoon/Flaherty/whoever proclaim that Menino is "pulling a McCain" every time the mayor declines a debate offer?

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