McCain Still Trying To Find Footing

The US intervention with AIG, just hours after John McCain came out emphatically against such a move, forced him to start the day walking that one back; now he supports the bailout, because, as he said on Good Morning America, "there were literally millions of people whose retirement, whose investments, whose insurance were at risk here." You know, as opposed to yesterday when he was against it.

The Washington Post helps get McCain's day off to a bad start by detailing McCain's long history of pushing for de-regulation of industry -- including banking -- before suddenly claiming to be the country's pro-regulation pit bull. This comes hours after Glen Johnson, in an AP story about McCain's newfound outsider/reformer persona, came close to crossing the line into outright mockery. The New York Times piles on with an editorial today about McCain's buffoon-like response to the economic crisis. 

McCain has now released his third ad in 48 hours trying to find a message on the crisis -- the current message is: I'm a tough guy, and the other dude is all "talk and taxes." He also had a message on the stump yesterday: that Obama is out of touch for attending a multi-million-dollar Hollywood fundraiser Tuesday... the day after McCain attended a reported $5 million, $50,000-a-plate fundraiser in Miami.

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