Men Will Protect You

Four years ago, from the Republican National Convention in New York, I observed that the evening devoted to "soft politics" -- sissy stuff like economics and helping the downtrodden -- was jam-packed with speakers of the female and minority type, while the night devoted to securing America from worldwide evildoers was a non-stop manfest. Ah, but the GOP has evolved I'm sure!

Or not. Things have been a little juggled-around this time because of the hurricane, and what with trying not to let anyone who has worked in the White House since January 2001 get anywhere inside the Minnesota border. Still, yesterday's theme of "reform" brought out the gals (Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Linda Lingle, and a bunch of others earlier in the program, in addition to the VP), the blacks (Michael Steele, Michael Williams, Renee Amoore) the Latinos (Abel Maldonado, Luis Fortuno), the Jewish (Norm Coleman) and even an Amish woman, to supplement the three featured very white men, Mitt, Huck, and Rudy.

Tonight's theme is "Peace: A Safer And More Secure America," and -- never mind that for the past eleven years our Secretary of State has been black, a woman, or both -- that's still white man's work. No full slate yet, but confirmed speakers so far are Tim Pawlenty, Mel Martinez, Bill Frist, Sam Brownback, Lindsey Graham, Tom Ridge, and of course Cindy McCain introducing the hubby.

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