[VIDEO] Night Two: Watch Hillary With Us

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton, killin' it

VIDEO: DNC Tribute to Hillary Clinton

VIDEO: What Hillary's speech looks like filmed on a cell-phone from the DNC floor

VIDEO: Talking Points Memo live from the Bloggers' Lounge

VIDEO: Deval Patrick goes prime time

12:48 pm: For those of you reading this Wednesday morning, we've been blogging along with our live broadcast of the DNC. (We're not rich or anything, we just jack MSNBC's embeddable live feed -- hey, if it's good enough for the NYT and HuffPost, it's good enough for us.) We've now subbed in the highlights for the live feed, but come back tonight for Bill Day, you can watch in the comfy confines of this here browser window!

12:33 pm: Larry King is interviewing a purported PUMA -- sorry, a "Nobama Democrat" -- by the name of Elizabeth Joyce, from the Just Say No Deal Coalition. She looks suspiciously like a Republican plant -- but of course no serious journalist would allow one of those on their show so she's totally legit, for sure. Here's a direct quote from Ms. Joyce, who was attempting to explain that the reason she won't vote for Obama is that nobody had asked her nicely enough yet. "I'm a good Catholic girl from Boston and I don't vote on the first date," she says, with a straight face. Larry then presses her on whether this didn't leave open the possibility that she'd come around, eventually. "I'm a tiny bit open," says Liz, "but my ballot box is just about closed." Careful there, honey. You know what they say: once you go Barack, you never go back. 

11:25 pm: If we hear another sports metaphor out of Carville we're going to shoot the television. Speaking of which, after that speech, we wouldn't be worrying so much about rednecks trying to shoot Obama. But we might double the Secret Service protection on Joe Biden -- how many Democrats are wishing he'd take a heart attack right about now?

11:05 pm: Where the hell was this Harriet Tubman riff during the primaries? Whether or not she follows through on the trail -- and nobody's pretending that's a done deal -- it's hard to imagine a stronger endorsement. Deal sealed. Bump. 

10:52 pm: Adding insult to injury, it appears that Bill will be among the Hillary supporters/fundraisers who are skipping the Obama rally on Thursday

10:47 pm: Bernstein via Twitter: Sharpton drawing a crowd in the hallway. 

10:37 pm: Wait-wait-wait-wait just a motherfucking second: Hillary's video theme song is "You Really Got Me" . . . but they don't use the Kinks version or the Van Halen version? BLASPHEMY. This is why people voted for Barack.  

10:30 pm: For those of you playing along at home -- you know, the game where you do a shot every time a podium speaker makes a quip about McCain's houses -- brace yourselves. Montana's Brian Schweitzer aims to get you shitfaced.

10:17 pm: We know everyone's really excited about Hillary and all, but with apologies to the Mayor, we are going to be watching EVERY ANGLE of Chelsea's intro, if you get our drift.  

10:13 pm: Begala made a funny. Responding to this late-breaking NYT piece which delivers the shocker that Mark Penn was pitching in on Hillary's speech: "She would not be where she is without Mark Penn." Long pause. "She would be the nominee." 

10:11 pm: Bernstein via Twitter: "NY Sen. Schumer has a guy who carries his diet pepsi" 

10:05 pm: Bernstein via Twitter gets a quote from Hizzoner. Menino's take on the evening? "It's not about Clinton, it's not about Obama, it's about the country."

10:04 pm: Went out for a smoke. Missed Deval. Oops.

9:57 pm: Hey, who knew?: Al Giordano blurbed MarKOS's book? We hope Kos has read Al's piece on Obama's financing, from last September, which helped push the MSM towards the story -- and also helped push progressives to Obama. You should read it too . . . Um, oh, Warner's done (unless you're watching the DNC feed, in which case, well, you're almost there.) David Gergen is making the case for Warner as an avatar of "new ideas" and "keys to the future." Begala is limply recanting his previous Warner criticism. Meh. We're with the New Yorker: if you want the future of the party, look West.

9:49 pm: Bernstein, via Twitter: Dennis Kucinich is apparently a Phoenix reader. Lord help us. In case you missed it, here's Dennis's mercifully brief address from earlier this evening.

9:41 pm: While the house band plays "I'm So Excited," we're perusing C-Span's hash-tag Twitter aggregator: everything tagged with #DNC08! Which is how we found this blurry cellphone photo of John Kerry talking to some veterans. Yay internet! OK, here comes Warner. Going to hide under the table now.

9:21 pm: CNN bitching about the Pepsi lines again. Bernstein reported long lines about at hour ago. In the meantime, we're amusing ourselves by reading Blue Mass Group's interview with Michael Dukakis, who thinks Obama's webternet army should get off its laptops and take up some old-school precinct-to-precinct politics. BMG also has a bitchin' Flickr feed and are Twittering away from the floor. As, of course, are we.

9:02 pm: Right now we are watching someone from CNN conduct what the participants apparently believe to be a serious policy discussion with . . . Charles Barkley? No wonder Jon Stewart is going apeshit on the mainstream media dudes at breakfast. For the record: MSNBC's feed is a good 0.7 seconds ahead of the network feed. Go internet!

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