Homes? Romney Has A Few

The Obama assault on McCain's homes is brilliant for several reasons, but surely the gambit's efffect is multiplied if McCain had settled on our very own Mitt Romney as his VP choice, as has been suggested in some circles.

I mean, can you imagine, after a solid week of the Democratic convention mocking McCain as too wealthy to relate to regular Americans, McCain announcing Mr. Moneybags himself?

To my knowledge, Romney only owns four homes. But they are SWEEEEEET homes. You may recall his estate in Utah, which came up a lot in the 2002 election. You are of course familiar with his Belmont residence with the long driveway and the illegal immigrants tending the grounds. There's the $3 million vacation home up in New Hampshire that he used as base camp for his failed primary campaign. And just a few months ago, he sunk several million into a new home in La Jolla, California, which some saw as a prelude to a 2010 run for Governor Ahhnold's job.

(BTW, I'll skip the easy joke at Romney BFF Darrell Crate's expense; even I feel bad for the guy.)

Update: Great minds, etc.: Former Boston Phoenix political reporter Al Giordano also sees Romney's hopes dashed.

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