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I will be in mile-high Denver, Colorado, all week beginning Saturday, checking out the Democratic National Convention and the goings-on around the convention.

Naturally, you'll be eager to know all my keen observations, insights, and analysis. For example, here's an actual exerpt from one of my 2004 DNC reporters' notebooks:


David Paterson

black state sen.

New York


And here's an actual quote I got from a young man engaged in a protest on Broadway near Times Square in New York, during the 2004 Republican convention: 

"I've been talking to people on camera with poppy seeds in my mouth!" 

In the olden days, you'd have to wait forever to get that kind of trenchant reporting, if you were lucky enough to get it at all. But these days, what with the new Internets, you can vicariously live this vida loca with me.

Sometime in the next day or so, I'll fill you in on how best to receive my Twitters, blogs, and on-line articles from Denver.

For now, I'd like to know what you will be most interested in next week: Speakers? Mass. delegation members? Protesters? Fat-cat parties? PUMAs? Police crackdowns? Mass pot-smoking arrests? Lack of pot-smoking arrests?

I invite you to send me your thoughts, questions, requests, observations, or suggestions. 

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